‘Off-rolling': Fifth of teachers have seen schools remove students through backdoor to improve results

More than fifth of teachers have witnessed school pupils being effectively excluded through the back door in a bid to boost exam results, a new survey has revealed.

In total, 21 per cent said they had seen “off-rolling” occur at their school. The practice sees students taken off the register using informal exclusions, to ensure results are not brought down.

The survey of teachers was carried out for schools watchdog Ofsted by the well known pollsters YouGov. The findings were released as tens of thousands of students are set to receive their GCSE results later this week.

Ministers have previously spoken out against the practice which has become a growing concern for Ofsted, amid claims that schools are playing the system to improve their league table position.

The survey, of more than 1,000 teachers, found that 11 per cent had seen off-rolling in their current school and another 10 per cent said it had happened at one of their former schools.

Meanwhile, 45 per cent of teachers said they had heard of it happening in the system – meaning that two-thirds of the teachers surveyed were aware of the practice taking place.




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