Math Olympiad (4/5)

Math Olympiad – Skyline Elementary 2016-2017


Want to have fun with competitive math?   Check out Math Olympiad for 4th and 5th grade students at Skyline Elementary who:

  • love math
  • can follow directions
  • can work independently

Our first meeting is Thursday December 1st in the West Solarium at 3:35. We will meet on Thursdays from 3:35-4:35 in December, January, and February.  There is an activity bus for 4th and 5th grade students but please be aware that drop off locations are different than regular bus routes AND may not start until after Winter Break. Students 4th-12th grades ride the activity bus and stops are located on main roads. These stops may require more than ¼ mile of walking.

 Teacher: Angie George:

This program is coordinated by Skyline Elementary and is complete for the 16/17 school year.

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